Experienced Salesforce developers, crafting innovative recruitment solutions for clients worldwide.

Ever since 3B Onboarding was started, back in 2017, our team has always been devoted to helping you be more efficient in your hiring process: everything from quick and easy resume screening all the way up to final candidate selection and onboarding.

Most applications and SaaS fall in one of two categories – complex in nature and providing gazillion features at the expense of simplicity or simple and easy to use, but hardly meeting the needs and demands of the modern HRs and employers. At 3B Onboarding, we aim to bridge that gap by providing you with a robust solution that offers a rich variety of features while keeping the user interface straightforward and easy to use.

We know first hand how hard recruiting is – it is a time-consuming process with a high volume of applications and it can get very complex very quickly. This is why our recruitment solution is specifically tailored to address all the pain points and make the hiring process a breeze.


We help our clients identify their business needs.

Our Mission

It is thе balance of functionality and simplicity that makes 3B Onboarding the preferred choice for high-risk compliance areas such as healthcare, driving and industrial work. We make all this possible through utilizing the most powerful CRM in the world – Salesforce. Just some of the many features we provide are:

✔️ Detailed Advanced Analytics
✔️ Ultra Flexible Development
✔️ Easy Extension Integration
✔️ ISO Certification & High-End Security
✔️ Automation Through Declarative Tools
✔️ HIPPA & GDPR Compliant
✔️ Open to In-House Developers

✔️ Ability to Extend Core Functionality



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