Advanced Reporting


Sustained growth and retention of market position in an increasingly competitive environment increasingly depends on the ability to adapt to rapid changes in business conditions. The staffing and recruitment sector is not just about finding candidates . Agencies and their customers rely on quality metrics and interpreting data to make intelligent decisions.

The quality, relevance, and timeliness of reporting available in 3B on the Salesforce platform is hard proof of delivery, cost, revenue and service levels. Analysis reveals patterns, identifies issues – it results in improved performance based on numbers and feedback (hard data). In other words, advanced reporting will show you what you do right and how to scale up those activities, as well as what you do wrong, and how to tackle the issues.


The visual analytics delivered through the Salesforce platform are best in class. The presentation layer for operational and financial data is uncomplicated to format and manage. It can be easily understand and applied by staff from the branch to headquarters – and just as importantly, by customers:

  • Report on anything – through 3B reporting, any data or combination of data in the system can be incorporated in reports. Similarly, data can be integrated across the platform and from other sources. Performance measures by of individual employees, by teams, by customers, by region – by any element can be reported on through KPIs.
  • Data on demand – reports deliver real-time information about performance, and quickly be related to historical stats to review trends.
  • Drag & Drop report creation – by using the intuitive drag-and-drop option, reports are quickly and easily constructed. This simplified interface reveals insights that can lead to “Aha!” moments. For authorised persons, with just a click of a button, reports may be exported to Excel or .pdf and shared.
  • Simplicity – Creating a 360-degree view of a business with end-to-end processes – complete visualizations, predictions, insights, all residing on a single platform eliminates the need for tying together multiple systems and logins.
  • AI-powered analytics – Salesforce offers AI reporting capabilities. You will be able to uncover insights faster, with accessible machine learning (real problem-solving algorithms, not just a buzz-word), statistics, and smart data prep.
  • Custom reports3B provides security and administrative tools to its customers who then have full discretion to create and disseminate reports, to determine what data will display, the layout of the data, what data can be viewed by whom, what calculations can be included, and whether the report is delivered on demand, on the screen real time, scheduled in advance or repeated on a schedule.
  • Automated featuressave time, costs, and errors by using out-of-the-box functionality based on industry-specific best practices. The intuitive, easy-to-use application extends quasi-technical ‘click not code’ abilities to non-technical office team to design, schedule, and manage the data if they are granted the necessary permissions.


Every business requires quick, reliable and flexible reports to monitor, analyze, audit and communicate results. Advanced reporting features included with 3B on Salesforce are designed to run business effectively.

Through visualized dashboards, you can better understand the data, which leads to a better decision-making process, increased profitability (ROI), optimized internal and external processes, and the right focus on delivering a better experience for your customers.

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