Candidate Portal


Candidate portals provide a secure online system for candidates to register, login and execute tasks and interact with the agency. Portals support application processes including uploading resumes, writing cover letters, and manage all applicable documents (personal and professional information) either for a currently advertised position or just to be stored for future opportunities.

Below we are listing some of the benefits of having a candidate portal. Once a candidate becomes an employee, portals can provide more services, examples are: payslip review, HR-related functionality, a company policy information repository, access to training and evaluation materials.

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The 3B Candidate Portal enables these key evaluative features:

  • Talent Pool – Opening a well-designed candidate portal permits development of the pool of talent required to meet hiring requirements whether recruiting for a single position or a hundred positions.
  • Filtration and segregation – the 3B database supports classification, categorization, filtering and ranking of candidates by any attribute or combination of attributes defined as critical to the business, e.g, education, work experience, skills, certifications. Applicants record detailed notes against their profiles for future reference, bookmark certain aspects, and do pretty much anything that will make your future hiring or candidate suggestion for a client easier down the road.
  • Reduced time and cost of hiring – a large and diverse talent pool that is properly filtered and classified saves significant time. Good recruiters know that top talents are quickly snatched in, so you need to act fast. They know the type of candidates that they have in the database, so when a candidate ticks all the boxes for a particular position, they don’t need to waste time looking for another person. Similarly, as new applications arrive, recruiters can use database tools to quickly compare to candidates on file and through an automated process, schedule an interview and progress him/her to the next stage.
  • Know your candidates better – through advanced AI the information submitted by the applicants can be analyzed to gain useful insights before the interview. Features like automated test scoring make decisions easier and objective. Generating reports with AI data and testing provides quick comparison of his/her strengths and weaknesses and suitability to other applications in your pool.