Client Portal


Customer-facing pages provided using portal technology provide an easy and convenient way for staffing agencies to communicate with and provide essential information to their customers.

Portals provide critical ability to submit and monitor orders, view shortlists, request changes or updates, and progress candidates to the next step.


Portals reduce phone and email traffic while increasing the level of communication between the agency, recruiter, and the customer. A client portal is a convenient tool to present the result of automated notifications that would otherwise be time consuming.

  • Greater control – clients log in into the portal to submit, adjust, update, or change any item to which they are granted access. This level of power and flexibility includes adding notes, sharing files, sharing resumes, scheduling calls, and managing every stage of the recruiting process.
  • Quicker response rate – self-service functions speed or eliminate the time it takes to respond to changes initiated by phone or email. Client with more complex questions or requesting advanced adjustments will get a faster response because only high-priority cases require conversation or explanation.
  • Branding – the client portal is established with the look and feel of the brand with which the customer is doing business. For staffing companies, this can be one or many brands, each of which has a customer-facing, highly valued brand identity.
  • Visual Dashboard – visual presentation of critical statistics in dashboards enhances the level of service delivery.. Out-of-the-box dashboards include color-coded charts with the number of jobs in the pipeline, filled positions, number of applicants, and applicants pending approval; but well beyond that, 3B Salesforce capabilities provide simple to use, intuitive methods to construct and configure custom dashboards.
  • Discretionary access – Security is a critical to any display of information. Portal security is controlled via roles and permission levels. For example, certain sections, graphs, layouts, and even fields can be visible and editable, others only visible, and some visible only to your company. Access to applicant personal details is not generally permitted – the client may see the credentials, experience, and education, but not personal contact information.
  • Two-Way communication – Portals are a two-way communication tool with persistent messaging, , share opinions and rank certain applicants, which will make your job as to whom to shortlist easier.


A Client Portal is no longer a benefit or a fancy feature. It is a must if you want your company to work efficiently, spend less time on repetitive low-return tasks and be able to focus on procedures and customer satisfaction.

In addition, a client portal is a feature often times requested by the clients themselves, as they realize that the level of control and transparency they get through it works better for all. This way positions are filled faster, easier, and with a lower budget. It is the way a modern staffing agency works.

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