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3B Onboarding comes bundled with 3B Docs out of the box.

You can use 3B Docs to create “templates” – documents, contracts, CV Templates, Invoice Templates or simply pages that are dynamically merged with data from Salesforce, on demand. The templates that are created can then either download as PDF or require an e-Signature from one or multiple parties.

We have also extended the application to allow for Contract Redlining – a process where two or more parties agree on the terms and conditions of a contract, all natively in Salesforce!

3B Docs is infinitely configurable and customizeable. Developers can take full advantage of the APIs that we offer, however our focus is to provide a no-code solution to admins and super admins.

Using 3B Docs, you can create:

  • CV Templates
  • Invoice Templates
  • Electronic Contracts, NDAs, e-Signature Forms
  • Pay stubs
  • Reference collection confirmation
  • Candidate profile summaries
  • Customer/Client reports with live data
  • more…

From a technology point of view, 3B Docs is designed using a component-driven architecture using the latest and greatest web technologies. We have extensively documented the product to allow users and developers to extend the product and implement it in even the most challenging environment.

We have released 3B Docs for Salesforce as a license free solution to all Salesforce customers since 2022 which helped us gain customers across multiple industries and verticals. As you can imagine, the volume of usage has allowed us to mature the product to the extent that we can easily claim that we have the best recruitment & staffing centric document generator and e-signature tool on the market!