Collecting data effortlessly…

3B Onboarding comes bundled with 3B Forms out of the box.

Through 3B Forms, you can easily create data collection screens using an intuitive Drag and Drop interface. All forms are served through the secure environment, all hosted on Salesforce. This means that you do not need to worry about data storage or data sync issues.

The flexibility to create a new form on demand allows our customers to quickly respond to changing client requirements or business/legal environment.

From a technology point of view, 3B Forms is designed using a component-driven architecture using the latest and greatest web technologies. We have extensively documented the product to allow users and developers to extend the product and implement it in even the most challenging environment.

Some examples of forms you can create via 3B Forms:

  • Personal Details Collection
  • Secure Bank Details Collection
  • Documents upload
  • Employment History, Education History, Skills and Qualifications..
  • Proof of Identity, Proof of Address documents submission
  • Identity verification and liveliness checks via Onfido, HooYu, Yoti or other
  • Timesheet collection screen
  • Timesheet approval screen
  • Expense submission forms
  • Reference collection and approval forms
  • Customer feedback forms
  • and more…

We have released 3B Forms for Salesforce as a license free solution to all Salesforce customers since 2020 which helped us gain over 2000 customers and millions for form submissions. 3B Forms has been used on pretty much every device imaginable – from an iPhone to a gaming console, to an ATM machine. As you can imagine, the volume of usage has allowed us to mature the product to the extent that we can easily claim that we have the best recruitment & staffing centric form builder on the market!

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