The 3B invoicing solution is tightly integrated with its payroll solution. Timesheets drive both payment and invoicing.

The 3B invoicing solution is specifically built for the staffing business to deliver automated, seamless integration of pay and bill in a highly configurable environment.


Complete automation – automatic generation and submission of invoices to the client’s account or to their email. Configurable rules and rates that avoid billing errors and thereby promote prompt payment with minimal effort.

Event triggers – link events together and trigger invoicing actions when certain conditions are met. Link several processes to one, or any combination of interlinking events (mix and match). Leverage direct debits for recurring payments and enable your customer to make payments upon those notifications.

Easy integrations – our solution can seamlessly be integrated with almost every major back-office system and payment processing platform. Pushing invoices to major accounts payable is one click away. With integration, manually ordering timesheets, billing, and contract data from multiple systems that require reconciliation is eliminated, along with staged processing across databases.

Second-tier billing – recruitment is a highly competitive industry, which sometimes, in order to fill wide-ranging requirements, requires partnership/collaboration among several agencies. The 3B invoicing solution supports collaborative order fulfillment. This can maximize opportunities, keep clients with difficult requests happy and still have payment and billing cycles controlled within a single system.


As a Salesforce integrator, our automated invoicing solution supports transition from mechanical to electronic timesheet processing, automated invoice processing, and provides a best of breed level of speed and efficiency that results in faster payments, fewer delays, and fewer errors.

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