Sales systems for staffing manage data and applications designed to increase and maintain revenue at a level of cost low enough to increase profit. Sales relies on quality data to know, store and analyze the customer’s requirements, creditworthiness, potential for business. Quality data is matched with quality automation to increase the efficiency of representatives – data-driven analytical research pinpoints customer need by line of business, type of worker, seasonality, profession – and to facilitate efficient, quality encounters – proposals, presentations, order taking, and order management.

CRM systems support strong business relationships between sales, customers, and operations. All business is built on relationships. Relationships are behind every transaction; they are the essence of business. CRM data enhances and extends the human ability to remember people and their requirements, to take action, to follow up – to write, call, ask, reply. CRM tools identify patterns, trends, opportunities for improvement and needs; CRM automation embraces automated features that increase performance – timeliness, thoroughness – speed and accuracy. CRM is a machine that performs work better and faster – permitting sales and support staff to spend their time with quality human interaction.

3B’s Platform CRM is focused on the talent pool – on people who are themselves customers of the recruiters seeking to match ability to demand. The database and application design delivers the higher quality database recruitment agencies must have to build and maintain strong relationships that arise from effectively managing people and talent.

With 3B on Salesforce, staffing agencies’ data and end-to-end processes form a single, stable, deeply connected information and action environment. The result is optimization – smarter, faster services, quality relationships – quality transactions.


3B CRM on Salesforce supports and extends baseline out-of-the-box features:

  • Contact Management – complete representation of persons, their roles, relationships, activities, and history within and between business entities.
  • Opportunity Management – tools to track and forecast prospective business, to monitor and take action to turn potential transactions into active orders and revenue.
  • Sales Forecasting – reporting of potential revenue with qualified, data-driven insights that all areas of the business – sales, finance, IT, HR, operations, management at all levels can use to effectively plan and respond.
  • Process Automation – streamlined, automated tasks using workflow, tracking, notifications, automated forms & structured documents, scheduled events, automated report delivery,
  • Mobile CRM – 3B and Salesforce functions that run on smart mobile devices to access, manage, run processes from, and update the CRM.


3B with Salesforce CRM delivers the depth of information, the forecasting, the visibility, the automation – the speed and accuracy that staffing companies must have to provide quality, timely and efficient services to their candidate and their customers.

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