Staff Scheduling


Scheduling software manages people working at a site for a specific duration. Scheduling tools incorporate sets of rules to guarantee that the right people are in the right place at the right time. The software displays work schedules through dynamic calendars.

The strength of these visual tools and application of business logic permits recruiters, candidates, operations managers, clients, and supervisors to see an entire work plan for a site, an individual, or a working team – and know that the software enforces the logic that the business has established for each element of the schedule including suitability of resource, regulations, availability, confirmation, and state of the plan before, during, and after the scheduled work.


The workforce scheduler built by 3B on Salesforce delivers best in class functionality, stability, and usability. It is a seamless, well-coordinated, intuitive, graphical, real-time scheduler:

Efficient communication – Communication between every level and every relationship affected by a scheduled activity is supported within a flexible, collaborative online environment extended through smartphone technology.

Simplified tracking and payroll – GPS georeferencing adds the ability to track where a timesheet or other tracked transaction occurs e.g., to confirm via GPS where a clock in or clock out was done, where a worker is, where a reported action or event took place. GPS tracking improves verifiability, safety, accessibility, and accuracy.

Eliminate no-shows – GPS is useful to notify operations or clients when an employee is running late. Electronic time entry, confirmation of attendance and missing confirmation permits fast response, ability to warn the client, or to find a replacement using the smart search algorithm. Automatically reminders of upcoming shifts via text messages or smartphone alert minimizes the number of no and late shows. SMS and smartphone technology permits delivery of content – clear instructions, policy guidelines, useful information, and with extensions, permits two-way communication for workers to reach out to staffing operations, recruiters, supervisors, or even clients.

Mobile friendly – 3B on Salesforce is cloud-based and responsive design – the workforce can access schedules from anywhere, clock in and out of work, can be visualized on the schedule via GPS coordinates.

Enhanced System Integration – Salesforce has both natively built or easily constructed one and two-way integrations with major software packages. Through the Salesforce AppExchange, hundreds of firms and developers continue to release some of the best extensions, niche products, integrations, and packaged features on the market.

Real-Time Updating – when multiple users access the same data, it’s important that any changes made to that data be reflected in real-time and the relevant agents be notified of those changes. Having an up-to-date scheduler is of paramount importance to avoid collisions and expensive mistakes.


3B Oboarding on SalesForce delivers advanced, visual, online and mobile scheduling capabilities coupled with search algorithms that provide speed and accuracy to fill jobs. The system accounts for availability, skills, location, compliance documentation, and may be configured or extended to include any number of required attributes. With the extensive collection of delivered data points and the ability to add attributes as demanded by the business domain, the system delivers an extremely efficient search process with best in class results and speed.

The 3B cloud-based scheduling tool is easily integrated with hundreds of services and 3rd party apps. Its wide range of functionalities is easily adapted to professional, industrial, and administrative domains and their unique-to-an-industry scheduling requirements.

Finally, because 3B on Salesforce is updated in real-time – managing problems and risks associated with lateness and no-shows is effective – staff can re-assign or replace workers without sustaining losses. This is a particularly big problem in some sectors, of which we are aware of, and have put a great deal of effort into giving you the best features to prevent it.

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