At 3B Onboarding, our commitment to excellence is further enhanced by our strategic partnerships with the industry's leading Salesforce-based Applicant Tracking Systems (ATSs). Dive deeper to know about our prestigious partners:

  • TargetRecruit: A trailblazer in the Salesforce ecosystem, TargetRecruit pioneers a holistic approach to recruitment. With an emphasis on automation and analytics, they redefine what's possible in talent acquisition and management.

  • Bullhorn: Renowned for its dynamic capabilities, Bullhorn stands as a beacon of innovation in the ATS domain. Their cloud-based platform offers an intuitive user experience, ensuring recruiters can find and engage the best talents effortlessly.

  • Asymbl: Asybml champions a harmonious blend of state-of-the-art features with user-centric design. Their dedication to streamlining the recruitment journey from start to finish is evident in their robust and flexible platform.

  • Seven20: With a focus on pushing boundaries, Seven20's platform ensures end-to-end recruitment solutions are at your fingertips. Their dedication to enhancing recruiter efficiency and candidate experience sets them apart in the marketplace.


Background screening and assessments

We integrate with most major US and EU background checking services.


We have teamed up with the frontrunners in the background check and identity verification industry to offer you unparalleled confidence in your hiring decisions. Here's a glimpse of our esteemed integration partners:

  • Prophecy (Relias): A titan in the realm of background checks, Prophecy (Relias) offers thorough and precise screenings. Their steadfast commitment to accuracy ensures you get a comprehensive understanding of every candidate's background.

  • Universal Background Screening: With a reputation for consistency and reliability, Universal Background Screening stands as a trusted ally in your hiring journey. Their expansive database and meticulous vetting processes guarantee an in-depth and trustworthy verification.

  • Yoti: Bridging the gap between digital identities and real-world interactions, Yoti's innovative platform prioritizes security while ensuring a user-friendly experience. Their digital identity solutions make the verification process quick, easy, and foolproof.

  • Amiqus: Renowned for its cutting-edge approach, Amiqus combines automation with human expertise. Their blend of advanced tech and in-depth verification mechanisms ensures your recruitment decisions are informed and ironclad.


We understand that every recruitment and staffing firm has unique operational needs, and our aim is to cater to them with precision. Over the years, we've seamlessly delivered over 40 integrations, showcasing our adaptability and commitment. Here are a few of our standout integrations:

  • E-Verify: In the realm of employment eligibility verification, E-Verify stands paramount. Our integration with E-Verify ensures that you can quickly confirm the employment eligibility of your candidates with confidence.

  • DocuSign: Streamlining the document signing process is crucial in today's digital age. With our DocuSign integration, we've made it easier than ever to securely sign, send, and manage documents electronically, speeding up the onboarding process.

  • Enhancing communication with candidates and clients is the key to efficient operations. Our integration facilitates real-time chat, ensuring you stay connected, responsive, and proactive.

  • NPI Registry: In healthcare recruitment, verifying provider credentials is paramount. Our integration with the NPI Registry allows for swift and reliable verification of healthcare professionals, ensuring compliance and trustworthiness.

...And many others. If there's an integration you're seeking that's not on our roster, challenge us! We're always eager to craft new solutions and further diversify our integration offerings to support your specific needs.


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